Carboncore Cortex build up 1

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Carboncore Cortex build up 1

In the next weeks I will build up my new Carboncore Cortex X8 and post a small blog here.

It will be equipped with

the DJI A2
8x T-Motor MN 4014/11 330kV
8x 40A Maytech OPTO ESC
8x 15×5 Fiala Propellers
6S8000-10000mAh Lipo
an Alexmos 3 axis brushless gimbal
and 5.8 GHz video downlink


The Cortex is the newest multirotor copter from Carboncore.

For more information visit


I love the design and I also love to build it.

It’s easy to build; I only found 3 different types of screws (including the motor screws)

Just for your information I got mine nearly ready built so maybe you have to build the folding arms on your own this would be a bit difficult.